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    the pain is great…today I carry it and no longer can I smile though I try. I try to conceal what is inside, but without a doubt it’s you that’s got me down. Never ending search and now I’m completely lost now without you. It’s true. Tell me how. Tell me when the pain will go away… when the ache that seeks to overwhelm all else will finally cease?

    I’ve said goodbye so many times. I can’t say goodbye anymore. Heart is heavy but I will always be here. All I have left to give I give with every ounce I have left. It’s not much but it’s all I have left.

    Through the crowds of people, the dozens of cars that whizz past, the hours and days that pass as you busy yourself in everyday life… remember one thing… that there is someone here that will always love you… that will care about you… that no matter where the road make take us…all of us…I’ll always be here. You can count on that.

    I’m here… just a heart away.


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