• Sick Little Games.

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    Dear you.

    I could hate you every single day of my life. I could scream at you for hours. I could lose control, and probably beat you senseless but it wouldn’t change that fact that I’m never gonna let this go. I’m never gonna let go of what a liar and a cheater you are. What a confusing masochistic psycho you are. You know, screw you. Really. You get in the way of everything and every happy thought. Every time I try to get close to anyone, you’re like vomit. You just keep coming back up. I just wanna be rid of this sickness that is you. I wanna feel okay again, and not look at every thing around me as if it’s falling in.

    I wanna be real again. I don’t wanna just sit around like there is nothing to me anymore. Like you took everything. I gave you everything, but I have never revoked my right to take it back. You are the one source of doubt that I have always had. Everything reminds me of you. What am I to do? Throw my life away and start from scratch? How ’bout no.

    I hope you’re happy with her. Even though we spent 2 years and 21 days together. And you cheated on me with her the whole way through. And now you’re celebrating your 2 years with her… you sicken me.

    One last thing, I have never given up on you.
    you. gave. up. on. yourself.

    the girl who’s ready to move on.

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