• My love for you

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    I have known you now for 5 months. I met you on my first day of college. When I saw you, I though you were cute. Your brown hair askew and your brown eyes looking into mine. I thought you would just be my neighbor, but things are never “just” anything are they?

    Over the months, you have become my best friend. I rely on your for so much. The first few weekends, you watched out for me when I drank one too many beers and now we’re drinking one too many together and talking all night. You’ve done so much for me and I will forever be grateful.

    You are so smart and so dedicated to studying. I am not one to study. But at the beginning of school, I wanted to spend as much time with you as I could. So I started going to the library with you almost everyday. There I would sit with you while you worked late into the night. Sometimes we would go to another building to study long after the library closed. Then we would walk together in the moon light. Just the two of us walking home across campus. Those are some of my favorite times. Whenever you would suggest to take the long way home I would complain but secretly be excited that you didn’t want to part ways yet.

    I spend so much time with you. Even when I go one day without seeing you, it feels like an eternity. I know how I feel, but your feelings are a mystery to me. Everyone tells me that you have feelings for me, but I don’t believe it. If you really did, you would tell me. Wouldn’t you?

    I have sat around for way too long waiting for you to make a move. I am tired of waiting. But I will always love you. I need to love myself more though. And that means I can’t wait around while you sit there and do nothing. I deserve more than that.

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