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    Dear Joey,

    i miss you and everything you were. We have only know each other for 5 months but the 4 months that we were unbelievably close were 4 of my favorite months of my life. I trusted you and we talked about everything. I told you the one story that i never trusted anyone with and your response made me feel like things were gonna be okay. You were always amazed by the stories i told you about how many guys have treated me like shit and you said you could never do that to me but what you did might be worse. You gave up on me. You started to hear a lot of stories about me from your friends and you just gave up. You promised to be there for me forever but now i don’t even get a hi in the hallways. What happened? What did I possibly do to make your feelings change so quickly. When I saw you today with your brother we made eye contact as I walked past your locker. You looked at me then to him said something which i couldn’t here and his attention was directed towards me. He looked sort of nodded and you both looked away. so i wanna know what he does he think about me? Does he agree that what you did was maybe really fucked up? I hope that in the near future you seek to fix things with me because I feel as though there is not much i can do anymore because you changed not me.

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