• Good Luck

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    I’m glad that you’ve cooled down enough to be able to talk to me again. I can tell that you are still bitter and not yourself. I can see that you feel stuck with your life with little hope or motivation. I will provide you with words of encouragement and truly do hope that you can get out of this funk that you’re in and move forward. But if you’re looking for me to change my mind, I hope that you know that is out of your reach.

    I’m writing to tell you that you made your choice a year and a half ago. You chose to put your dreams on a pedestal and ignore mine. You almost let me give up my dreams entirely to follow you wherever your film major may take you. Seeing that you are still living with your parents and struggling to find work, I’m relieved that I decided to think about myself for once. Maybe you’ll grow up. Maybe you’ll be successful. Maybe you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted. And I hope that all of this does happen for you. But you’ll need to find someone else to follow you now, because I’ll be half way around the world by the time you get there.

    Good luck and hang tight… I know you’ll get there.

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