• Full of regrets. I’m so sorry.

    by  • February 6, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    It all makes sense now. I read all of the messages from pretty much the beginning. You really have been asking me to try for the whole 4 months we were together. I never realized what I was doing. I asked you to give me a second chance and I didn’t know why you wouldn’t but now I realize that you already gave me so many chances and I said everything would change but it never did. All of my relationships ended for the same reason but I just realized it. I hate that it took me so long and I really hate that I had to lose you to finally decide that I need to change because you really do mean a lot to me. I’m just so scared of letting someone into my life and getting attached but that’s what a relationship is. I don’t know why I’m even sad about anything, it really is all my fault. I did this to myself. All you asked me to do was to try to put effort into our relationship and for us to meet each others families but you shouldn’t have even had to ask, especially so many times. I should have just done it. I wish I would have done all that but it really is too late now. I really don’t think about things. You’re right about everything. I’ve actually thought now and I finally understand. I know I’ve never said this before but I really do love you, you’re an amazing person, especially for putting up with all my bs for so long. I’m so sorry for everything. We really could have had an amazing relationship if I just tried. I know for a fact that I’m going to change but I do understand that you only want to be friends. Maybe one day we can try again, or maybe not but either way I really do want you to be a part of my life and I hope that we can be really good friends. I honestly just miss talking to you. I’m sorry for this letter because I know you’re tired of hearing this but that’s really all I had to say. You really can do so much better and you deserve someone that’s perfect for you and makes you happy. I’m not saying that to make you feel bad, I’m being completely honest. I’m just really glad that you still want to be friends with me. You really are the best boyfriend that I’ve ever had and I regret taking advantage of that and the fact that you cared about me so much. You really are amazing and perfect, thank you for everything.

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