• Chamber of Patience

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    So here I lay once again with thoughts and prayers permeating the air I breathe. In an unchanging chamber of patience, I search for anything to drown out the silence of your absent voice. It resonates and reverberates through every stone and every crack — saturating the senses and being absorbed by the mind like a sponge. “Nothing” becomes everything in the constantly seeking eyes of the heart.

    Perhaps I’ll hear your voice tonight above the howls of hungry wolves, assuming that you choose to speak. My ears are strained, striving to detect even the lightest and the faintest whisper from your throat. I will wait for days if I must if it will mean catching a glimpse into your shielded heart. But please understand: I cannot wait forever. I have my own life to attend to and although I desire you to be a part of it, I cannot hold myself back by reserving you a seat beside me that may never be filled.

    The frozen lake is beginning to thaw and our opportunity sits in the midst of the thinning ice. Soon it will shatter beneath the weight as winter gives way to spring. Don’t let it be lost to the watery depths. Don’t let it fall beneath the point of recovery…

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