• I dare you

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    Dear You,

    I dare you to go to our restaurants and not remember the meals we ate there. I dare you to go mini-golfing and not remember those summer days when we went to every course in a 30 mile radius. I dare you to go to that old seaport village and not remember crawling over the ships together and laughing about a painted plastic whale. I dare you to volunteer with our group again and not remember the first time we volunteered together, on Valentine’s day. I dare you to go back to that kids group and not think about the times we shared and how that’s where we met so many years ago. I dare you to take the red line again and not remember all those rides back into the city with my head on your shoulder and our fingers intertwined, both of us wishing the day didn’t have to end. I dare you to listen to the radio sometimes and not remember singing those songs together on our road trips. I dare you to drive through my hometown and not see the memories held there. I dare you to watch the movies and not remember how great it felt to be snuggled up on your couch together, so comfortable just to be with each other. I dare you to be with her, take her to our places and try to change those memories. I dare you not to miss me anymore. I dare you not to love me anymore. I dare you to not compare her to me. I dare you to tell me the truth again, because you know she’s not the one you want to be with or you wouldn’t have said she’s so much like me. I dare you to try to love her as much as you loved me.

    Forever and Always,

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