• I need this, You need this, we both need this.

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    Oh god, where do I start? From the moment I met you in auditions I thought you were hot. I didn’t even realise you were a first year, you looked so much older. I know I was crazy that night, but I was excited; meeting new people, being friendly… being me.

    I knew I fancied you after you downed 3 pints of Guniness in under a minute. Everyone was really impressed. Then I found you in the doorway upset about your ex. I knew then that I wouldn’t have a chance. That’s okay. I never have a chance with guys. But then… things changed. We got closer. And I really fell hard.

    So, I thought fuck it. I’ll ask you out. What’s the worst that can happen?

    I still smile at that note I gave you. Me attempting to be subtle. I knew it wasn’t going to work; hell, nothing stays private in our society. But you said yes. And I was so, SO pleased. And so were you.

    Then you came round after the party. We were just supposed to talk. Well, we did. But talking led to kissing. Kissing led to making out. Making out led to you lying on top of me, grinding away with a massive hard-on, massaging my breasts and me shaking like a leaf, the most turned-on I had ever been in my life and trying to to jerk you off. We were both virgins. This was the furtherest we’d ever been with the opposite sex. I freaked out. You freaked out. It got awkward. You ended up sleeping in my bed that night, and the next morning just wanted to be friends. I had to agree. What else was I supposed to say?

    Then there was the night after my gig. We ended up back at yours. We drank Jack, and watched Star Wars. And you went down on me. And I finally managed to make you come. It was magnificent. I didn’t even care that I had your cum in my hair. It was my reward. But then you started talking about your ex, and looking at photos of her on Facebook, and expected me to be sympathetic. For fuck’s sake! You don’t start banging on about your ex-girlfriend just after another girl’s jerked you off! I felt like such an idiot. I left. You didn’t want me to, but I had to. And so it got awkward again.

    And now you’re coming back, after 2 months away. And oh God, I need you. So badly.

    I need you to bang me. I need you to make me come so hard, I’m screaming your name until I’m hoarse. You might say you’re respectful of girls, but at the end of the day, you’re still a guy. With needs. And you might not think it, but girls want it just as badly as guys.

    I didn’t stay a virgin until I was 20 out of choice. I did it because no guys ever fancied me growing up. And now you do. Well, did. I don’t know. You brought me so close to the edge but left me hanging, left me needing so much more.

    Please. I am literally begging you. One night. That’s all I ask.

    I xxx

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