• You’ve Been There

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    You’ve proven that you would be there through thick and thin. I can’t deny that. When I needed someone to write to you were there to listen silently. Your messages now lighten my days even when I’m in anger or going through pain. There have been times when I’ve cried and right after I texted you it was the weirdest thing, but you sent some funny comment back to make me laugh.

    Everyone has gone away, but you are still here and it’s giving me a different perspective. I’ve gone on the winds of change so much, and dealt with goodbyes so many times and you have been patiently watching on the side lines in pain, because of all these goodbyes that I’ve had to face. You’ve been there through it all silently listening to everything.

    I never asked how your day was when I was just writing down words, but now I see that I haven’t been there for you like you have been for me. I’m sorry. I want to ask you how you are but would you reply or just continue silently listening? I’m not sure. I wonder if you are okay. I wonder how the music is going. I wonder if you are stressed, and need a little funny yourself to pick up the broken pieces.

    It looks like we both have trust issues, but for some odd reason…softly as it has come…trust has come knocking on my door with you. Thanks for being there, and somehow I’ll find a way to tell you this for real.

    Always be here if you need me,

    Ash (ANEWDAY)

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