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    if there was some way to make you understand completely the way i feel about you, i would forever search for it. i get upset at myself for getting angry when i see you talking to other guys even though you are nothing more than a friend. what started off as a joke about the two of getting being an old married italian couple has turned into a goal. i love everything you are both inside and out. but honestly, you confuse the f*ck out of me. and to be even more honest, I confuse the f*ck out of me. the other night wen you left with the other mike, i wanted to die. i laid in bed hoping i wouldnt wake up. for the first time in quiet a while, my eyes had tears in them.

    i f*cking love you! and you don’t f*cking believe me! you’re scared of settling down bc you are afraid to get attached to someone and have them hurt you… hurting you would only hurt me too… watchin yourself hurt you is hurting me!

    i know you say you’re only a 7 out of 10.. NO ONE IS A PERFECT 10!!! the most perfect girl in the world is at most an 9.25… every one has something they don’t like about themselves and there’s always going to be some one who’s going to love you for the same things you hate yourself for… i love you for everything you are, everything you aren’t, and anything you can become.

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