• i’m over it

    by  • February 3, 2012 • Moving On • 0 Comments

    so there i was- driving around, listening to some music, and maybe smokin a little bud, when suddenly it hit me… i’m over all of this. i’ve reached that point of not wanting to put in effort to be friends with you without showing you how i feel. in reality i still have feelings for you; i guess whats really going on is that i’m over the idea of being with you and chasing it the best i could without crossing any boundaries. not that i wouldn’t consider it in the future, but i’m done chasing what can only be nothing right now…

    if you finally come around, find me and let me know, and if you can show me i’m actually worth your time and that you really do care about me the way you say you do, maybe we could see what would happen… no promises though.

    until then, don’t expect me to be so open with you like i have been, don’t expect me to care if i don’t hear from you, don’t expect me to think so highly of you as i have since i met you, but you DO expect to feel like i’m backing off. this doesn’t mean i don’t understand how you feel or why you chose your actions… it just means that i’m tired of dealing with people who do this sort of shit.

    good luck.

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