• Hurt

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    Dear boyfriend,

    I sit here and call you my boyfriend, not only my boyfriend, but also my best friend. Meeting you four years ago was a miracle to my life… I have loved you since the moment I met you. You are so smart and handsome and the one person I always could see spending my life with. After a wonderful 2 year long relationship, you changed. I feel like I would do anything for you. Yes, I am not always perfect. I get hurt, I cry, and I wear my emotions on my sleeves, but you have always known that. It’s like you did a complete 180. You just seem to not consider me in your life. What did I do wrong? I’ve sat you down and asked you if you were ready to end things, and although I would be so broken over that, I would do it for you to make you happy. You said no. You say you love me, but if you do… act like it.

    Would you hurt if you saw me here, crying, writing you a letter out of desperate heartache because you never told me that you got home safe driving with someone who has been drinking? Is it so awful that I am doing this? Sometimes I wish we never got together because then I might not be feeling the hurt you are causing.

    Love always and Forever,
    Your Girlfriend

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