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    Hi, my name is Rocky.. I’m a typical teenager with typical problems. I’m just writing this letter because I found it very interesting, and a good way to talk to the world. In this moment my life isn’t being critical or very problematic, as many of yours may be, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve been through a lot of things before. Things that I don’t want to remember. Things that none of you would imagine. But, despite all those things, I kept on moving. I don’t want you to stop living for someone else’s fault.. that’s not fair. You must continue, because if you don’t.. how would you get to know the end of the story? Although life is much suffering, is more than that.. believe me or not, things can change. Things ALWAYS end up changing for good. You can’t think tomorrow morning everything will be perfect again, but if you give it time, it will. Don’t think you’re alone in this, you aren’t and you’ll never be. Always think that you aren’t the only one suffering, that out there are people with problems even worst than yours, that will give you the strenght to go ahead and to get over difficult moments. Please, if you give up now your life will have been useless. You are still in time to do something about that. Don’t let a instant feeling decide the rest of your life. I support you, lots of people do!

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