• Forget Me

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    I write this realizing you will never read it. Writing is enough.
    You are my hope and inspiration. You are the one person who makes me believe that maybe there is still good in this world.
    Over the years, you went from my the boy in my drama club to an interesting conversationalist to my best friend and now to the person I fell in love with without meaning to. You grew from that eager, innocent boy to this passionate, confident man, and I am so incredibly grateful to have shared many sweet memories with you.
    And it is with the heaviest heart and conscience that I say I fell in love with you far too soon, for while my only dream is to stand by your side for the rest of my forever, life has conspired to take you away from me. Our bond will grow weaker, we’ll speak less often… Until finally the memory of you abandons my subconscious and releases me from the plaguing nightmares I will suffer every time my head touches down on that foreboding pillow.
    Whether this will be a few years from now or a few months…
    I thank whatever force is greater than me for the new memories I will make with you until that day. I thank my luck that somehow, I will at last hear your smooth bass voice alongside my own soprano and nothing else. I thank grace that I will smile and play the part of a dancer on the same stage of you once again. I thank whatever god may be that when the last lights fade from the stage, I will stand with you behind the curtains with your strong arms wrapped around me and your glittering, hopeful eyes gazing into my own.
    And somewhere in my heart I am still wishing to continue making these memories, painting your figure in alongside mine on the canvas.
    But I know that I am not the right person for you. I know with every ounce of my being that you will be happier with someone else.
    So I am begging you to give me these last memories, to thread me into your consoling, comforting embrace and hold me one last time. And then I want you to forget everything. I want you to forget me. I want you to forget the way I felt in your arms, the perfume I wear, my eyes which have never lied to you… And I want you to forget and pretend that I never told you I loved you.
    And at the end of the day, I want you to walk out onto the porch with the one who will make you infinitely more happy than I and kiss her and tell her that you love her and not remember my words when you do.

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