• Dear You,

    by  • February 3, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I’m standing here in front of you, wanting to be your everything, wanting to call you mine. I’m here to say hey handsome, to tell you I want to give you all the attention you deserve, all the dreams that you want to come true, the relationship you want to have. I want to be the reason your face lights up and you smile just because I’m there.

    We see eye to eye on everything, we’re practically two of the same.

    You’re standing in front of me, telling me she’s all you dream about, telling me you want to make all her dreams come true. You want to hold her whenever you can, wake up to her smile.

    Why am I overlooked? Why can’t that girl be me. You make me nervous, give me butterflies, you make me smile every time I see you, get a text from you, you are my world and why can’t I be yours

    Because we’re “just friends.” you put in the friend zone when I took you out.

    will you ever see? she’s not worth all of your goodness. she’s not worthy of all your happiness. I am

    Please just see it.

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