• Dear Men

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    You don’t really know me because I haven’t let you.

    I was truly hiding sometimes to the point that I was totally oblivious to you. I was caught up in trying to survive. Trying to live with being hurt. I’ve said I was a survivor before, but now I can honestly mean it. I may have just survived by the sheer will power, but now I truly love myself.

    So, I’m ready now. I know that I tried before and I may have hurt some of you. The ones that I told myself that I was ready for, but I wasn’t. Those men that wanted to pop my bubble, but I had to do that on my own.

    I was never afraid of you. I was never angry with you. It’s not that I didn’t respect you. I just didn’t love myself enough to understand why you would want to love me.

    I still feel guilty at pushing you away. About not knowing what to do with you when I’d laughed with you and spent time with you, only I couldn’t handle your attention. I wasn’t accustomed to being looked at by anyone. I had forgotten that I was worthy.

    I can live with my past behind me. I am ready for the first time to find love. You can approach me, but don’t be surprised when I talk to you first.

    Don’t discount the girl with extra baggage, because if she has already dealt with it, then she is going to be more than the rest.


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