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    Okay. If it’s you that I’ve truly been seeing @ the gym then just stop it! You have a girlfriend or fiance. I’m not sure which because you guys have been trying to figure your relationship status for a few years now. You are not single and you have a woman. Keep her and cherish her. Doing this would break her and her trust. She trusts you don’t ruin it!

    Just stay away!

    I thought I could trust you, but you being less dignified like this does not make me trust you now.

    I could have trusted you if time and if things happened differently, but your actions are showing that you have allowed your emotions to overcome your reason. You ruined any chance of me ever trusting you in the future!! It’s ruined!

    I’ve had that happen before so I’m not judging and I can understand from your point of view, but it’s too late for sure now. Even if you were to never stay with her, I would never trust you completely, ever.

    What if I were in her place. I would feel betrayal and pain that some man that I trusted my heart… my life with was doing this. Just go away and do what’s right!

    I know it’s hard, but I’m not that kind of woman, and while I may have had love for you it’s the kind that walks away when it’s the right thing to do.

    Just go away! I’m done with relationships anyway, and I’m no good for relationships because I have so many trust issues in the first place. You doing this just gives me a reason not to trust people.

    I’ll always be your friend… from a distance… but “we” can never be now for sure. You broke my trust. Go be with your woman. Go love her. Go to her because she cares and trusts you. Don’t break that trust. If you truly love me then know that I’ve been broken by one man that I devoted my life too, and it has ruined my life.

    Keep that in mind for her and realize she deserves someone that won’t break her. She deserves all your love not just some. If I were in her place this is how I would feel saying, “I trusted you. Please don’t hurt me. I’m giving you my whole heart.”

    It’s hard doing what is right, but it’s the best thing to do for everyone involved. Just go and don’t turn back. I’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. It will all work out in the end. Just don’t ever ever do that again…don’t break someone’s trust.

    I’m a clear example of what happens to people when trust is broken.

    Your friend,


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