• When I Look

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    When I looked in the mirror
    I used to see a woman
    Who had a heart

    Now I look and see a woman
    Whose heart is broken
    Who doesn’t even know
    What she thought she knew all these years

    Her direction is constantly changing
    Her thoughts are constantly changing
    And no one understands her

    Beyond words it’s like a complex puzzle
    Her complexities show the more she writes
    Her true colors show

    For what it’s worth they don’t shine
    They aren’t vibrant anymore
    Still she fights for something
    She doesn’t know

    She fights to be more
    To be what she could be
    To be what she knows she should be
    It’s a fight that only she knows

    No one can walk with her
    She must walk alone
    And no music or letters
    Can convince her that there is more

    She’s done hurting other people
    She’s done hurting herself
    She’s done wishing

    She’d rather live
    Then look one more time
    In the mirror
    And see the past

    She’d rather just not look at all
    And live
    Pushing past the mirror
    And looking at others for once

    Beyond herself



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