• Valentines Day

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    The dreaded day is coming. My friends and I have decided to wear black. It’s always been a dreaded day for me… always.

    For those who are in love I’m truly happy for you. But for me it’s an awkward moment in time when I’m constantly reminded that I don’t have someone to hold hands with or give a silly white heart candy to that says, “Be Mine” on it. Balloons hit me in the head at hallmark, everything squirts pink, red, and white even though my favorite color is blue. Guys rush around trying to figure out at Wal-mart or the grocery store, which flowers are the best ones to buy and finally they just give up and grab something quick while shrugging their shoulders. At least they bought something. That’s nice.

    It’s just a constant reminder of what was…what never was…what could have been. I don’t mean to spread the negativity here, but I do want to be honest. It’s a dreaded day for me.



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