• Too Late

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    We were friends first for 6 years or so. I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way love came softly… it came awake a few months ago as I realized how much you had always been there for me in silence or when we met up again how you always listened carefully and were there for me. Funny thing is that I always knew you would be a friend… someone that would always be there for me, watching out for me. It just came softly knocking at my door and I don’t know how it happened.

    It’s too late to tell you that I’ve finally realized that I’m in love with you and I’ve always cared about you… not always this way… but I’ve always cared…. I just didn’t think it would finally hit me…. the real truth about how I feel. I’ve tried to shake it off because I know you are happy where you are at. Maybe someday I will get good at letting these feelings go, and frankly now isn’t the time to really be expressing them. But I have to write them out somewhere. No one knows. You’ll never know.

    If I ever see you again, I’ll do my best to stay focused and be a good friend. I’ll do my best to push those feelings that finally… I can admit that I love you. I always will. If only you knew. But it’s too late. I guess this is goodbye and letting these feelings go completely. But another part of me wishes that you would actually read this. But you would never come here, I’m almost sure.



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