• Tired.

    by  • February 1, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Depression • 1 Comment

    It’s a Wednesday night.
    I’m sitting in my room.
    Listening to the Dion and the Belmonts station on Pandora.
    It’s started again, the aching tiredness.
    I’m sad all the time. I hurt myself and tell myself how much i hate being me. How i’m in everyone’s way and how i really should just get out of the picture.
    Maybe everyone is right. I’m an annoying bitch. I’m such a stuck-up loser. I’m fake. I’m just pretending to be an interesting person.
    I know you wouldn’t care if i was gone. I’d fade from your memory in time.
    I’m just in the way.

    I’m sorry.

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    1. ANEWDAY
      February 1, 2012 at 10:25 pm

      Don’t listen to any of those voices. I need you here. I do care about you. It’s going to get better. I don’t know when or how, but I know in time it will get better. Don’t give up. Keep your chin up.

      I listen to Pandora too all the time, and there have been times that I’ve felt like you are feeling. In fact I’ve been having a bad morning, cause I guess it’s morning now. My how time flew by here on the computer. Whenever I feel this way I listen to No Matter What by Kerri Roberts.

      Love you and praying for you. You are needed.




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