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    i was the new kid, and a senior at that. i didn’t know anyone and i had no desire to make new friends. i just wanted to get out and move on with my life again.

    i sat alone at lunch on that first day and i was doing fine; reading the perk of being a wallflower and listening to moldy peaches when you waltzed into my life.

    you talked nonchalant with your pal and i paused my music to eavesdrop. i couldn’t help myself. you caught my eye and i knew it was downhill for me. you finally introduced yourself, and my voice caught in my throat and my shyness took hold but somehow i got my own name out.

    now it’s been a month and we’re friends and i have a crush. one of those middle school crushes where i blab about it to my mum and sigh annoyingly and daydream about whether or not you like me.

    but i know you probably don’t, because it usually ends up that way. but your friend told me i should hook up with you, and my guyfriend says that you like me but it’s all a lie, i know.

    i know how the story ends, i’ve been through it before so many times before. let’s just stay friends, as much as i want you. as much as i want to hold your hand, i’ll just forget about it.

    i wouldn’t even know what to do if you did like me.

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