• Letting Go

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    They say that love at sixteen doesn’t last, that it’s just pure infatuation and hormones. I beg to differ. Because being with you told me what love is and to this day, it’s the truest love I’ve ever known.

    Being with you was a breath of fresh air, a light among all the darkness. And yet, every single thing about us was never meant to be.

    We disagreed on religion, politics and morals. And yet we are the two sides of the same coin. That found each other by pure chance.

    It shouldn’t have happened. We never should have been together. Two teenagers growing up over 1500 miles apart, yeah right. We were told to give up, that it would never work. Maybe a nice hook up or friend to chat with. But it was never that with us. You and I understood. That what we had, was perfect. The distance and our differences never mattered. We fought through it.

    And we fought and fought and fought. Until finally it became too hard. Two teenagers falling in love, who both knew it could never last.

    Ending it by still loving each other, but knowing that love this time just wasn’t enough.

    But sometimes I sit and wonder. What if? What if we had kept fighting. What if we still had each other.

    We had to let each other go; because we loved each other.

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