• Just a girl..

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    Once upon a time there was a little girl…
    She watched fairytales everyday, and dreamed one day she’d find her prince.
    Well one day, this little girl grew up, and got a taste of the real world.
    Utterly confused by what she thought love was really like, she set out on a quest. She convinced herself she wasn’t crazy, and that Prince charming did exist despite the constant doubt.
    Guy after guy, she began to lose hope.
    Maybe her prince charming didn’t exist?
    Maybe everybody was right, and that kind of love did only exist in movies.
    She finally gave up on love.
    Then one day, out of the blue, someone entered her life.
    Not knowing the huge impact he would soon make on her life, she kept living her life.
    She started talking to this kid she met at an amusement park, with the mindset no matter what became of them, it would end like every other relationship she’d been in.
    She decided anyway to give a shot.
    With zero expectations and walls higher then the empire state building, she began her journey.
    She told herself from the beginning, she’d never let herself get hurt again. She’d be a solider, and guard her heart with everything she could.
    She wouldn’t fall in love, hell she didn’t even believe love existed anymore.
    So once her and this guy started to talk, she found an interest in him.
    She knew he was a nice guy, but she wouldn’t fall for it again.
    Before she knew it, she was falling, like never before.
    Something she’d never experienced happened.
    She’d been swept right off of her feet, and there was nothing she could do about it.
    Those walls she built strong and hard, they fell.
    That little girl that dreamed of her prince charming, ripped right through her and was shown to the world.
    She had fallen in love. Unconditionally.
    The floor had fell from right under her.
    Love, had taken its toll.
    Once again, she was cinderella, and she had finally found her prince.
    She had hope, happiness, & most importantly, love.
    That little girl, that was me.

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