• I’m Scared

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    Dear You,
    I’m scared. I am scared I am not good enough for you. I am scared you will leave me. I am scared there is another girl. I am scared that our relationship is a lye.

    But I am paranoid. I over think everything. I assume that you will leave me for every girl you talk to. I assume that you are lying when you say you aren’t free. I think that you don’t like me at all and that I annoy you.

    I know I am wrong. This is what I do. I assume and over think to much and make myself hate you or any person I have dated. This is my biggest flaw. I don’t understand why you are still dating me when I have been mad at you so many times for the stupidest things.

    However you are still dating me despite my anger and paranoia. This is the best relationship I have been in. You accept me for what I am and love every bit of me, even my scars and uneven shoulders. I don’t need to look perfect around you because you think I am perfect no matter what. You even said I looked beautiful in the hospital, which made my stay 100 times better.

    I will still have all of those paranoid thoughts but in the end I know none of them are true and that is my reason to get up in the morning.

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