• Hey There Cowboy

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    I hope maybe one day I won’t need to hope that you’ll stumble upon this site and read my letter out of the hundreds that are posted. I hope that maybe one day you’ll just know everything that I’m about to write.

    From the very first day we met I knew that there was something different about you, something that just drew me in. We would talk late into the night, I knew your secrets and you knew mine. We shared hopes and dreams for the future.

    I want to tell you how I feel but I know you’re not ready and for now that’s ok, I knew this going into our friendship. Can you really fault me though? You’re amazing.

    I like that I can be myself around you, and I mean completely. There’s no facades or masks that I have to hide behind, no stupid status quo I need to live up to. I can just be me.

    One day I will be with someone that I can be myself around, this I know for certain. This man will love me and care for me like I will him. Most importantly, we’ll be happy. At this moment in time I want this man to be you. How I wish this man could be you… but, as I said before I know you’re not ready to be with any woman.

    I hope that we both find happiness someday, whether it be with each other or not.

    You’ll always be my friend regardless of what the future brings and I only want you to be happy with your life.

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