• Edge of Time

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    So tired,

    So very tired, here where I stand at the edge of time.

    Waiting for you, always waiting.

    My memories, how they deceive me, but my soul remembers

    How my soul longs to be returned, to you.

    My soul bears the image you left me with, the promises you spoke with your lips

    Where I stand now, the edge of time, waiting, always waiting.

    My heart bears the memory of what once was,

    The pain left behind of your face, your kiss, your touch,

    How can it hold so many memories, here where at I stand, at the edge of time

    It’s haunting,

    It’s taunting

    It’s lovely and enchanting,

    Surrendering to its will is all I want now, all I can see, all I can seem to bear

    Here in the depths of my dreams is only you, somewhere,

    How can I find you? How can I see you when you exist only now in the past of many?

    Do you search for me? Do you sense time running out?

    Its hands reaching for me?

    Don’t you see I’m screaming for you, help me, find me?

    I told you once I would find you, always find you,

    How I have failed, all I can see is failure in my words.

    All I can feel is time bearing its claws into me, wanting me to come back home

    Time, my daughter, time.

    The thread is so thin, I can see almost clearly now,

    Here in my hands holds the key I have yet to understand, the key to everything I am and will become.

    Here on the edge of time I whisper so softly and carefully for you,

    To hear me, promise me that you’ll come back, come back to me.

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