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    Whaat? Get a tattoo? What’s next, piercings everywhere? Haha This is not me. Haha. Yeah, it’s not. I don’t know how to write. I don’t know how to confess. It’s not like this is a confession but it’s somewhat like that. Damn. I don’t know where to start. Do I even have to start? It’s

    Still yours forever

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    I wanted you back in my life so bad, so I could look into your eyes the beautiful blue eyes that swept me off my feet. I waited for almost two years just for us to be normal around each other. Just a friendship would have been enough. But I found out it’s not, whenever


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    binge, purge, restrict, fast, repeat. count calories. work out. run. run. run. repeat. I wouldn’t wish this obsession on my worst enemy.I hate you… but I love you sooo much at the same time. You control me but make me think I have control over you. you’re my stress relief and cause. this is my


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    Resentment. Will it ever pass? Can I forgive you. You know- I hate you for making me have to find someone new. As exciting as the “new” may seem… I would take the “old” with you any day. Instead… you continue to choose the poison over me. Over yourself. Over our family. It. will. never.


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    I know maybe “why” now. I think I’ve been played… not once but twice. Just like orange does not go with bright pink this will just not do. I’ve just realized something. I’ve got bad taste all around or maybe just bad luck. A frustrated, ANEWDAY Related Post What I can’t say my lack of


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    Dad, After mum left you became so sad. I felt so bad for you and I wished every day for a way to make you happy. I know you tried to do things with me but I was sixteen and I didn’t want to spend time with you, I wanted to spend time with my