• To College Boys Everywhere:

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    Hey 🙂

    I’m a girl in college! A freshman to be exact. Everyday I wake up and put on real clothes not sweats, I do well in my classes, and I have fun on the weekends. I’m pretty much the girl next door that everyone on campus knows and thinks is a total sweetheart. Everyone always says how I seem to know everyone in our freshman class. I’m surrounded by loving friends wherever I go.

    I have everything I could ever need. But somehow, I can’t get a boyfriend.

    So I sit and wonder:
    *I still know how to have fun date nights/hookups when I’m in a relationship, but is it because I don’t sleep around when I’m single?
    *I’m waiting for sex until I’ve found the right guy, but is it because I’m currently a virgin?
    *I still know how to have tons of fun sober, but is it because I don’t drink?
    *I’ve always been told how pretty I am, but is it because I’m not pretty enough?
    *I have a super challenging schedule which is why I couldn’t rush, so is it because I’m not a part of greek life here on campus?

    It seems like you guys complain about a few things like being friend zoned (which I don’t do!), being played by a girl who just wants to “keep her options open”, or how girls are surrounded by drama (I’ve never had any drama). A lot of guys have closed off their hearts because of one girl or what they think girls do which is very unfortunate because not all girls are out here to destroy.

    I am pretty much the chillest girl one could find that loves football, does NOT spend all of your money up, plays call of duty occasionally, the girl that your mom would LOVE, and the girl that will not play with your heart. So why can’t I find a boyfriend? I don’t know.

    I just want to love and be loved. Call me babe. Introduce me to your family. Open up your heart to me. Cuddle with me in bed. Play with my hair. Kiss me. Be there for me. Hold my hand when I get scared.

    Until then, I’ll lay in bed by myself and wonder why I can’t find love. I’ll think about all the things that could possibly be wrong with me while others just tell me to be patient. Being patient sucks! No matter how many guys I meet, I end up becoming one of the guys simply because I am so laid back.

    Let me repeat: I just want to love and be loved. Not treated as one of the guys.

    So to all of you college boys out there:
    Why don’t you notice me? Can we explore the possibilities of me not being one of the guys? I just want to find whichever one of you that is for me and make you feel like the man I know you can be!

    Maybe I’m just out here chasing a dream, but I know there’s a college boy out there for me.

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    2 Responses to To College Boys Everywhere:

    1. danich
      February 1, 2012 at 7:43 am

      Honey, as an older man (53) let me tell you something – college boys are just that. Boys. The vast majority of them are chasing tail and that pretty much sums it up. Since you clearly are not going to be someone’s Friday night drunken conquest you can write off the attention of 95% of the boys you see.

      My advice? Don’t worry about it. Be happy with what you’re doing and the friends you have. A partner is not there to make you feel complete; a partner is there to enrich you.

      You’ll find a guy when the right guy shows up. He may not be Mr. Future Husband, but you’ll find someone. Until then don’t fret; enjoy your young life and healthy body. Do things, push your limits, find out who and what you are, what you enjoy, what floats your boat. Trust me on this: you have a lot of life ahead of you. Not having a boyfriend at this moment is inconsequential.

      Hint: if you do the things you love you will meet people who love those things as well.


    2. George
      February 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm

      As a curent college sophomore guy, I have seen and know what you are talking about. Most guys go to college and think that they have to be just like the cool college guys in the movies that hook up with a lot of girls and drink a lot every weekend. I assure you though that not all college guys are like that. Follow the advice of the older guy that commented. Do you and what you love to do. You will meet that guy out there for you. It may not be tomorrow or next week or even next year, but it will eventually happen. I know this advice is hard to follow, I have a hard time following it myself because I’m also sick of the waiting around for girls to love me again and constantly getting “friend zoned” by every girl I meet or try to date (it has happened to me twice in the past week). There are those guys out there in college that are looking to do those same things that you want, but they try to look for love with the wrong girl(s) and wait for it to appear. It doesn’t happen and then they resort to giving in to the popular choice of the typical college guy because they don’t want to love again. Trust me, I’m in that same boat now.

      Just to reiterate the main point, do you and do what you want and you will eventually find love, or even just that guy that you feel comfortable with while doing anything and gets you out of your shell. It will happen and never give in to the peer pressure of the popular, pretty college girl slut cuz deep down, guys, at least I don’t, don’t find that type of girl attractive or dating worthy!



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