• Still Don’t See it?

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    That’s one son gone, he gave up. He can’t stand that man you took in. Hates him actually. He hates him for the arrogant prick that he is. He hates him for destroying his parents’ marriage. He hates him for making you call him Sir – not because he is against the D/s lifestyle but because he feels that man does not deserve to be called Sir, does not deserve your respect. You know what really killed you for A? When he told you and that man that going to the church I go to was a terrible idea, that a church is no place for the dick-waving BS games that man wants to play and he was laughed off and you, you just sat there. That you would countenance someone using a church to play immature mind games tells me you really have moved and left no forwarding address.

    And when you were asked about A disowning you your comment had as much content as a remark about taking out the garbage.

    Soon the young one, sensitive Mr. A, will go live with his father full-time even though he can’t stand him. Do you not understand what you have put that child through? He’s tried to talk to you and reports that you look like his mother but you are not her. He is confused and hurt and, like the brother above, cannot stand the man you took in. This young man who talked to you about seeing spirits, and you believed him, when he now tries to tell you about the negative feeling the house has you ignore him.

    By mid-April K will be gone. E will be home from the Marines by then and has already agreed to take him in. You remember when he got home he was talking about doing his one month National Guard training? Have you not noticed he hasn’t left yet? He has purposely put his life on hold because he is worried and scared for you in the arms of that man. But he too has his limits and will be leaving.

    I’m sure the two of you will be so happy – you’ll have your private sex island all to yourselves. I know that man will be ecstatic; those boys are his only barrier to completely owning you like a slave. Those boys that you fought for like a grizzly with her cubs; seems you just don’t care about them anymore. Did he suck the maternal instinct out of you as well?

    Have you begun to notice that the only communications you are getting from friends and family amount to “How are you doing?” You see that yet? Have you noticed the lack of visitors? How about your co-workers? Do you honestly think they haven’t noticed how your thoughts jump from one topic to the next without completing one? Your forgetfulness? How long do you think that will continue before your employer feels you are a liability or, even worse, drug tests you? Then what are you going to do because you know and we all know he’s not going to go get a job.

    So, enjoy this thing you’re calling happiness, this thing that others see and call something else entirely. You and particularly those who loved you (past tense) paid a high enough price for it.

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