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    dear life,

    you are a constant battle. day by day mins, hours, days, weeks, and months

    pass by and i feel like everyone is just so happy and i haven’t felt like

    that well to be honest i can’t remember a time in my life that i was ever

    happy. I feel like what’s the point and the sad part is that no one knows

    how i feel and i doubt anyone will ever know what i feel. I don’t trust

    people because in the end the only person everyone thinks about is

    themselves and that’s how it is, so what’s the point of telling people

    your feeling when faking it is fine to just get by thru the day after

    day which turns into years. I feel like the future is bleak and nothing

    positive will come out. I feel like a puppet getting pulled to do this

    and that and i’m constantly thinking of other’s happiness how can i make

    their lives better and i’m always last or i don’t think of myself and to

    be honest i really don’t know what my purpose is and what’s the point to

    everything. feelings are hard to change i tell my myself today is a good

    day that feeling of something is not right and that i don’t matter never

    leaves. life in general is not easy and it will never be. happiness is i

    really don’t know and i do wanna know but i think some people aren’t meant

    to know it or feel it because that how things end up.

    one day i hope…………….. but less likely


    keep dreaming………

    the end.

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