• it’s been 6 years and you were only here for half!

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    Right so it all started when I was 17…

    You came into my life and I felt so many things that I had never felt before or since.
    We’ve been apart nearly as long as we were together by now and I still think of you every single day.
    I know you have moved on, and I have tried to! Trust me!! I have been kissing frogs left right and centre!

    I know it wasn’t right, and that I was right to walk away. But every day I wish we were back in a single bed in a damp room and you curled your hand around my fist while I was sleeping. and held me, and listened to my dreams and assured me I could do anything.
    You were my greatest advocate, my biggest fan. You respected and admired me so much, took every word I said as gospel. I try every day to banish the thoughts of you but I can’t seem to shake the ghost off.

    When it was hard it was horrible, but mainly because I felt unworthy inside and couldn’t accept your love. I have done the same with every guy since don’t worry! Cast them aside before my little frozen heart can feel anything serious, and run a mile if it does!

    That is because I can’t bear the thoughts that I might love again, and override the memory of you.

    I see you now and you are like a stranger. The connection is long gone, and I am happy for you and her….

    I look into your eyes and wonder do you remember it? What we had? Was it real? Or am I just imagining?

    Nobody else will ever know what we once shared my love. But I hope to feel the same intensity with mr. new and perfect any day now!! 🙂

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    1. L
      January 31, 2012 at 6:01 pm

      you’ll love again 🙂



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