• do you remember?

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    Do you remember being a kid? When your biggest worries were what to bring to show and tell? Or painting pictures in pre-school. Remember those good ol’ naps we used to take when we were three years old? Remember waiting for the bus on the first day of school and finally feeling like a big kid? Or falling on the pavement and scraping your knee? Or burning your hand on your grandma’s old wooden stove? Remember dropping your ice cream and begging your parents to get you a new one? Or the smell of fresh baked pie at your house when the relatives were over? Do you remember waking up early on Saturday’s to watch cartoons with your dad? Or swearing to yourself that you would always hate apple peelings? Do you remember the excitement that coursed through every cell in your body on Christmas morning? Do you remember being scared to ask the teacher to use the wash room your first week of school? Remember failing your first test and acing your first one, too? Do you remember waiting for your dad to get home from work? Or fighting with your sister? Do you remember your endless dreams? Or how every possibility seemed endless? Remember the songs your mom used to sing you to sleep? Remember those good morning whiskery kisses from your daddy? Remember pasting on the sunscreen and laying on the beach as we made sand castles? Or drinking that icky cough medicine that your mom fed you to get over a cold? Remember your best friend? Or that gross casserole that your parents always made you eat? Remember the barnie band aids? Or swimming in the river while having camp fires with your family? Remember the toys that used to cover your floor? Or how everything used to seem amazing and the world had no hate in it?

    So where did the time go? When did we cross the line between a kid full of dreams and a teenager full of hate? Why did we lose our endless belief in love? Why are we sitting here, gossiping about other people, our friends even, when we could be doing something with our lives? What made us so full of hate and anger that waking up in the morning seems like a challenge?

    I’ll tell you what, when and why. It was society. It was you. It was me. We all allow ourselves to be twisted into something that we’re not. You need to let go of it. All this pain and anger has changed who we are. It’s changed who you are. But I’m writing this to tell you that the world is still beautiful. I’m writing this to tell you, that whether you believe it or not, there is still hope, you just need to look for it.

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