• Backstabbing Best Friends

    by  • January 31, 2012 • Betrayal • 0 Comments


    You can’t stand me, sit down! You can’t face me, turn around! Think I’m trippin, tie my shoe! Look trick, we have been best friends for three years. Did you really think I stole Nico from you? Obviously you were not doing something right! I am sorry if the kid didn’t like you back then, I am sure he likes you now! It’s not like I was that stupid to think that you wouldn’t be a backstabber and talk to him. Go ahead hun, you can have the fucking kid, HE’S ALL YOURS! The thing I don’t get is why you had to lie about it this whole time, if you like the kid just say it. Don’t keep me guessing just because you don’t trust me! I don’t even know why you don’t trust me, it’s not like I stabbed you in the back NO I was and still am a good friend. You are just too stupid to realize that he was just going to play you like he did me. But go ahead, fuck up your life for a guy! Like I said multiple times, I have my future set for me you are the player that nobody is interested in and no guy likes. I chose you as my friend because I thought you were a friend, but when it comes down to picking your true friends you are no where close to my top! Truthfully, I can’t see you messing up your life because of having sex with a guy, but I can see you messing it up because everyone is going to know what kind of girl you really are and how you do your friends. Do you really think coaches are going to be interested in a player that can’t be trusted? The truth hurts! I know I have made mistakes in my life that I am not proud of, but I really believed in you, you use to be the girl I looked up to, the girl I go to when i have problems, and my best friend that I told all my crushes to and life crisis’s to. But then I realized that you can’t be trusted because you are just like ever other skank in the high school world, a back stabbing, boyfriend stealing skank that nobody likes. I am not saying i am perfect, but I am way closer than you! I just want to say I am officially done with our friendship, you can act fake all you want and try to win back my trust but it won’t work. I wish you and Nico the best! Just remember when you have sex the first time, just remember that he saw my body first:)
    Love your EX-bestfriend,

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