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    I don’t even know where to begin. With you, or this letter. We’ve been best friends for a couple years now, and we’ve always been attracted to eachother. Constantly flirting by “fighting” and making jokes and hitting eachother, like little kids, or close friends. When I thought you’d ask me to prom, you asked another girl, and then made her your girlfriend. We still constantly talked and were best friends. I still liked you.

    You broke up with that girl, and asked me to go see a movie with you. You started off by being yourself with me, hitting, joking and laughing. But then you put your arm around me. I didn’t expect it, but I loved the feeling. When I looked at you to smile, you kissed me. For the first time. I’ve never forgotten that night. I still liked you.

    We spent the majority of the summer together. I’ll never forget the 4th of July with you. I was happy. I was comfortable around you, and you knew it. I still liked you.

    School started back up, and I saw you talking to this other girl a lot, and I was curious. I knew we weren’t dating, but I still considered us more than just hook ups. I tried to ignore it, but I ran into her one day. I asked about you two, and she said you two had had a thing during the summer and that you both really liked eachother. I texted you and asked you when you were planning to tell me, you said it wasn’t a big deal. I spent plenty of time with my friends, each one telling me that I deserved better. But I still knew, in the back of my mind what you were really like, and that this wasn’t really who you were. I still liked you.

    You and that girl hit a rough spot, she cheated on you, and broke up. You went after my at-the-time best friend, even though she’s fucked over you and so many other boys so many times before. That crushed me. I still liked you.

    When that girl fucked you over, again, you talked to me about it, and we became the same friends that we were a year ago. We were making progress. But then the other girl came around again, the one who cheated on you, and you went right back. And as of today, you’re still dating her. I still liked you.

    You two fight constantly, and we text every night and talk about anything on our minds. Your girlfriend won’t let you go to lunch with me anymore, and she won’t let you call me, and she hates the fact that we even text. She’s taking my best friend away from me. And you’re letting her.

    I still like you.

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