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    To Her

    by  • January 27, 2012 • Letting Go • 0 Comments

    A semi-chronological diatribe of the feelings I’ve felt since we broke up. First of all, fuck you. Fuck you for playing with my feelings after we broke up. Fuck you for posting your brand new relationship publicly on Facebook for all to see. Fuck you for acting like it was some kind of secret that

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    Parents legacy

    by  • January 27, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    Dear mom and dad, You hate each other’s guts. Why are you still married? Staying together for the kids sake was a bad idea. We didn’t learn anything from your example except how to emotionally control people, settle for the least because it doesn’t take any work and guilt trip your way to an unhappy

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    by  • January 27, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Forgiveness • 0 Comments

    Ty, I miss you so much to the point that I hurt. I cannot even say these things to you. I cannot even say your name without feeling guilt and hate for myself. You were everything that I could ever wish for. Someone to listen to me, to hold my hand, to say by my

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    by  • January 27, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Short -n- Sweet, Thoughts • 1 Comment

    It has been a long time since we have last talked, perhaps that’s mostly my fault, and maybe I missed my chance. I wanted you to drop everything, and everyone and be with me I wanted you all to myself; although I knew that was out of the picture. We have a past together we

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    by  • January 27, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    One year ago you broke my heart. Not just a little tear, buy you completely tore it wide open and you poured acid in it when you said that you didn’t love me anymore. What I don’t understand is how one day you loved me and the next you were onto the next stage in

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    over it

    by  • January 27, 2012 • Guilt • 0 Comments

    i fucking hate myself for fucking up everything i do…. i don’t know why i always push people away. i guess it’s a test to see if they will actually stay. it seems to be everyone i fall for gets over my shit eventually. so i’d rather them get used to it now. i don’t

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