• You really screwed up

    by  • January 26, 2012 • Anger • 0 Comments

    You did. You really screwed up this time. For 17 years I was your friend and for a little while, even your lover. I saw past your faults because I LOVED YOU and now that it’s really all over I’ve realized all you did was use me. You took what you could and left me holding the pieces of a shattered heart. It’s time I tell you I honestly hate you. For everything you put me through, for all the lies and broken promises, for destroying something that could have been amazing. You once told me “We’ll make it work,’cause that’s what we do”,well “we” didn’t make it work did we? You didn’t want it too work, you just wanted a place to live and sex. Well, enjoy all the other woman because they will never love you the way I DID. I know you’ll never see this and that’s fine, but I just needed to say out loud so-to-speak how much I HATE YOU!

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