• i wish.

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    i wish i could remember how to enjoy life.
    i wish i didn’t know what changed me into this mess, this cynical and sad girl.
    i wish i could convince myself that i’m not happy, and i won’t ever be if i stay where i am.
    i wish it wasn’t so hard to say goodbye.
    i wish i could forget the things that make me stay.
    i wish you hadn’t taught me what it feels like to have your heart broken. to know the pain of when it shatters. to endure the aftermath of the explosion, when nothing seems to matter.
    and i wish you would have just let me go then.
    i wish you would talk to me.
    i wish i knew what to say to you.
    i wish i wasn’t so afraid. so completely terrified of everything.
    i wish this sadness that sleeps somewhere deep within me would be gone when i wake up tomorrow.
    i wish i could follow my head and not my heart.
    i wish you trusted me.
    i wish i trusted me.
    i wish i believed in myself as much as other people do.
    i wish i didn’t know who i really am.
    most of all,
    i wish i could stop loving you.

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