• Best Friend’s Boy

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    You are wonderful. So wonderful, I feel like my chest is going to burst when I see you. Every time I think about you, I grin like an idiot.

    But you’re with my best friend. For the long term- you’re probably getting married soon. I have no desire to see the two of you break up, but I just wish she’d give me the chance to be with you. She told us to make out once. I thought it meant she would be open to it. Turns out it just made her more hot for you. Glad to be of service.

    You’re everything I want. You teased me so much with that D&D quest, and now I just want to be around you always, even if it can’t be romantic.

    I think she would jump at the chance to have a polyamorous relationship if it included another man. But she would be too jealous to let it happen with us, even though everyone knows we both want it.

    But she is still my best friend, and I can’t hurt her. So I will always be there, from a distance, loving you.

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