• I Wish Things Were Different

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    The last year has really put my life into perspective – and you seem to be a big aspect of it.

    Friends since who knows when and became best friends freshman year of high school. We had an instant friendship that I had only wanted to find my entire life – we could talk about anything, weren’t afraid to be ourselves, and provided support for each other when it was needed.

    Graduation came, we parted our ways off to different colleges. You promised me that we weren’t going to end up losing contact with each other and would maintain that friendship forever. Well, look at us now…

    You had a bad freshman year of college – roommate problems, problems with the distance between you and your boyfriend, etc. When you had doubts of your relationship, you came to me for advice. I accepted frantic phone calls at 3 in the morning after a fight or something dramatic happened. I was always there for you, and I promised I always would be.

    Sad thing was, summer break came and we hung out maybe 3 times. And of course, it was only when you needed me for advise. It seemed like you were using me. But I always had that feeling of needing to; after all, I was your best friend (or so I thought). This feeling continues till now, we’re half-way through our sophomore year and we haven’t seen each other since the summer. And again, I only hear from you when you need relationship advice.

    Why, yes, I feel like I’m being used. We don’t have a friendship, at least it sure doesn’t feel that way. I’m no longer valued and I’m sick of hoping that you’ll be who you used to be.

    Until you start realizing how much you have changed, I’m afraid this is goodbye.

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