• So many unanswered questions

    by  • January 19, 2012 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments


    I just want to know what changed. Everything was going fine, or so I thought. That’s always the problem with long distance…you can’t ever tell if something is off until it’s too late. Why did you wait until after we got intimate? Why did you allow me to tell you what I had been feeling, if you knew it was going to scare you off? I thought after a year “together”, it would have made a difference.

    Was everything you said a lie? Did I really mean to you as much as you said I did? When you broke it off, you said “You mean a lot to me, I’m not just going to let this go.” So…why? Is there someone else, just like the first time? I doubt it, honestly, but I still want to know.

    I just want to know why I wasn’t good enough for you again. I feel like there were many reasons now that I’ve had a month to clear my head. But I’m still angry with you. I’m angry because you allowed me to feel the way I did for you, and you did nothing to stop me. You knew, and you broke my heart.

    And even though I don’t necessarily think you’re a piece of shit as you so eloquently called yourself…I don’t think you had the best intentions with me. I think you were lonely, and you know, so was I…but I just want to know why you would drag me back into it if it was that. Why.

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