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    by  • December 11, 2011 • Frustration • 1 Comment

    hi roomie.

    I love you BUT…

    stop playing that fucking song like a million times a day PLEASE. for the love of God. it sucks. it sucked kind of a little bit less the first time you played it but by the thousandth time i wanna pull my hair out… and just warning you, if I get desperate enough then i might just have to delete it from your ipod while you’re asleep. the only silver lining to this is that at least since you play it at like earth shattering volume so it drowns out the sound of your loud-ass chewing. lmao. i love you and you’re a great person so i don’t want to say this to you in person, but i need to vent so let me just state that you are the most disgusting-sounding eater i’ve ever encountered haha i think my Saint Bernard chews more quietly than you. like i have my headphones on right now, at like a fairly high volume i would say, and still i hear you chomping away from across the room.

    ALSO stop stealing my fucking adderall!!! it’s exam week and you’re stressed i know but couldn’t you have asked? like you know i would have given you some and this bothers me even more than your chewing and your questionable musical tastes… like I definitely had 10 pills left and then when i came back into the room after being gone all day, you were hyper as fuck and furiously typing a 15-page essay, which made me a bit suspicious since usually you’re the laziest person ever, so i checked and sure enough i only had 8 pills left. hmmm. i know that you’ve made it clear that you think i’m stupid, but i know how to count. gah.

    andddd while we’re on this particular subject…. let’s make it clear that i am NOT your fucking personal atm machine for drugs! just because i SOMETIMES have connections does not mean that i’ll drop whatever i’m doing at 3 in the morning and go to the ends of the earth to get you weed or coke or whatever. also it wouldn’t kill you to chip in once in a while either… i’m seriously like so generous whenever i have stuff but you abuse it so much!

    you’re a sweetheart and i don’t wanna get in a fight with you or write you a passive agressive note but i’m stressed from exams and bullshit and you’re being so annoying right now that i needed to vent someplace. lol. see you later, i’m off to the library, and bringing my adderall with me this time mwahaha.

    love you girl (i swear i really do),

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    1. December 15, 2011 at 5:42 pm

      Hahaha i know how you feel! My best friend is such an ungreatful mooch, it drives me insane!!! But when shes not mooching or whining i love her 🙂

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