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    Who do you think you are? After 5 fucking months of no contact with you after you dumped me, you write me a long ass Facebook message about essentially how much you hate me and how i fucked you up. After we broke-up from whatever our relationship was, I didn’t contact you. No matter how badly i wanted to because i didn’t want to be that crazy bitch (nah son, that’s not me). Now after almost half a year, during my finals, you find it necessary to publish your negative feelings toward me. Why couldn’t you just type them up and send them here or leave it on Word. Was sending this mess of rambles that is your mind really necessary for me to see?

    So let me get this straight. You hate me because of the fact that we ever started, and the fact that you loved me is also all my fault. I ruined your freshman year. Lets see, what else?…. Ummm… It’s my fault we were together for a year and half. It’s my fault your head was screwed up. Its my fault it’s still screwed up. It’s my fault you still care about me. It’s my fault your dick has a conscious. It’s my fault you still do not know what you want. It’s my fault you are unhappy. It’s all my fault, all the problems in your fucking life are my fucking fault!

    WRONG. I am not to blame for your demise. Yes I loved you, I wanted to make you happy. I was very gracious to you in our relationship. You wanted to fuck, sure let’s fuck, you wanted an open-relationship, why not. You wanted a relationship, ok. Granted, I’m not usually the type of person who bends to the whims of the male gender. I did this because i knew what i wanted from you. I knew i wanted you in my life and i did not care how, as long as you were part of it. You were the fucked up one all on your own.

    You see, you have this complex between what you want/desire and what you feel. I’m sorry it hasn’t gone away like you thought it would. I’m sorry the foggy mess in your mind is still foggy. You want to be a “wild ass motherrr fucker” as you so eloquently put it. But you feel love, love that seems to still exist for me. Which surprises me by the way you dumped me on my ass. So why hasn’t it cleared up, why are you still fucked up, what do you want to get out of me from this? Do you need my approval or just want to make me feel like shit?

    Honestly, I thought at one point you were it, like i could see myself with you for awhile. You broke my heart. I gave you everything, the only one i was ever completely honest with. In your letter you seem to be justifying something to yourself, like how miserable I made you. I would just like to say for every miserable thing in our relationship there were 10 more positive. So it wasn’t all bad, mother fucker. You harp on all the negative things on life. Meanwhile I’m enjoying mine. You leaving me did not break me, it made me stronger. It helped me grow. I don’t live in a haze like you do, trying to drink my sorrows away. I was always honest with myself. You, you seemed to be the one who was lying to not only himself, but to me the whole time. Why did you do this? Now I have to write an articulated response to your disconnected babbles or choose to leave no response. Decisions… decisions…..

    The devious side of me is happy to know you’re suffering after 5 months, because I didn’t just want it to be me. The devious side of me is happy you felt the compulsion to write me a book long response about your utter hate about what i did to your psyche. The devious side of me is happy to know meanwhile, I’m living the good life. Dear God, boy, what is your fucking problem? You have no one to blame but yourself, I did not keep you locked up. I let you do what ever you pleased. You built this all up in your own mind by yourself. I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

    I do not regret any of us or what we did. But you seem to have many. I hope you get everything you want in life and get your fucked up head sorted out. Really I do.

    Your ex/Princess/Tigress/Heinous Bitch (new nickname)

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