• Why do I miss you?

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    Dear Boy,

    Why do I miss you? Why don’t you miss me? Why does this situation upset me so much? Why did you break up with me? Please don’t lie to me and tell me it was because I didn’t give you enough time or that I wasn’t emotional enough. Please don’t tell me that what is obvious is true? Is it because I didn’t want to have sex yet? If so don’t admit it because I don’t think I could take it. I thought you were diffrent, the brilliant, quiet, southern boy with all the answers. All I want to know is how can you move away now and leave me with all these questions? How could you ask my best friend out right after we broke up? Why didn’t you fight for me that morning you showed up on my front porch looking like a sad, cold, wet puppy. Why did you just walk away from me, the one who YOU said YOU loved and who YOU told that YOU would follow her where ever she went. How could you change that fast, one second a misunderstood soul who just wanted someone to listen and the next a raging jerk who couldn’t accept that I wasn’t ready for that. Why don’t you tell me why?
    I just don’t understand why I miss you so much.

    the one who YOU called dearest

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