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    I don’t know how I could make it anymore obvious unless I screamed “I LIKE YOU!!” right in your face. I figured that our HOURS of skype chat sessions and constant texting from the moment we wake up until I couldn’t possibly stay conscience any longer would send you SOME sort of signal that I like you as more than just a friend.

    But it’s not like I could blame you for either not noticing…or choosing to ignore it. Because I’ve hurt you before. You have every right to be weary. But I’m sorry. Really and truly from the bottom of my heart.

    I want to tell you so badly how stupid I was to let you go when I moved away for school. I look back now and it’s not that I don’t regret it…but if I knew then what I knew now…I wouldn’t be writing this.

    We’d still be together…and so in love…and you know how I feel about that word…

    I love you, JDS.

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