• Just Remember

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    “I am a nobody stuck with one friend who will probably ditch me again soon, how sad.”

    One friend? You have so many friends, what are you talking about? They love you; you may not see it all the time but it’s there. Don’t let your cheeks get rosy because you said one stupid thing, they’ll forget it by tomorrow.

    Don’t you worry babe, you are beautiful.

    What did you notice?

    That he leaned in closer to you?
    That he stuck his hockey stick between your legs and laughed when you squealed and swatted it away?

    Tell me you didn’t miss the way he stared at you.

    Those eyes.

    That smile.

    You can’t mistake it, he loves you too.

    Maybe he stares at you like you stare at him.
    Maybe he wants to hold your hand

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