• I wanna hear you say “I don’t deserve you”

    by  • November 29, 2011 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    I’m not an idiot, I figured you out pretty quick.
    You’re simple.
    You try to flirt with me, say what I want to hear, but I know you don’t give a shit.
    If you gave a shit you’d be like a normal guy.
    You’d do everything in your power to talk to me.
    But instead, you tell one of my best friends, who will obviously tell me what you said, that I’m annoying you and that you don’t even like me anymore.
    That’s funny, because the way it seems, you didn’t even like me in the first place.
    You were only telling me what I wanted to hear to get in my pants.
    Sorry sweetheart, but it ain’t that easy.

    Now we throw in your best friend.
    He’s “in love” with me. But I told you I had feelings for you.
    So you decided to play the “Well which one of us do you like?” card.
    I told you I liked you.
    You’d think knowing a girl has feelings for you you wouldn’t be such an asshole to her. But no. That’s just who you are.

    I guess what I want to say is
    1) Fuck you. Don’t think you ever have a chance of getting in my pants, unless you have a rewind button.
    2) I wish I didn’t send you those pictures. Because if I didn’t I could be a complete bitch to you and actually get mad. But everyone knows, don’t be mean to someone who has naked pictures of you. It’s just a really bad idea.
    3) Don’t you think for one fucking second that I’m still going to spend 400 dollars on a plane ticket to come see you. And if I do, don’t get it wrong, I wouldn’t be going there to see you, I’d be going to see you best friend.

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