• Hey uh Hi. I sorta kinda miss you…a lot.

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    Uh, hello. o.o
    So we’ve started talking again which is shocking to me :O
    I mean, I thought you would ignore my happy birthday to you but you didn’t.
    Darling you even apologized for being a jackass. But why do I have to be so afraid to talk to you?

    I don’t want to annoy you…I don’t think I am.?
    Well, you still have the stuff I gave you (bracelet and drawing) and you even said you wanted to visit me (in a nutshell) and soon enough give me that kiss we’ve been longing for. So what…am I feeling exactly?

    What I really want to is find your house, knock on your door and give you the biggest hug of your life. But I can’t. I can’t drive. Plus who knows if you’d be like O.o or 😀
    I’d have to ask you rhetorically I guess.
    (I can’t believe I spelled rhetorically right on the first try! XD)
    I just really miss us I guess.
    Not even as a couple I just mean in general.
    We had such amazing and hilarious conversations together.
    The night you asked, “What if I hired you a male stripper?”
    “What if I was the stripper?” God that was hilarious.
    What happened to that?
    Where’d your wonderful wit and humor go?
    I know you still have but do you only talk like that with girls you like?
    I wonder who you like now.
    I know you like someone.
    Which is why I try not to be nosy.
    No reason to get myself worked up even though I know in the back of my head you’ll have someone else soon enough.
    I know I won’t.
    Because apparently I’m not likable because I obviously don’t have any luck.
    You have said the same thing (basically) about yourself. But how are you still single?
    You’re amazing and adorable. Smart. Funny. Talented. Sweet. Handsome. Did I mention you were adorable? Yeah but I think that so much that I said it twice. :3
    And you’ve got amazingly light blue eyes.
    The most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen
    And you’re single?
    Well I’m baffled.

    People say the same about me, you know.
    I get asked by my family all the time if I have a boyfriend.
    I always say no because I don’t and they’re all.
    “:O!! But you’re so pretty!!”
    I think I am most of the time but no one looks twice at me.
    No one says, “I want to make her mine.”
    Or do they?
    If they do, they won’t make a move and then I’m stuck a square one:
    Where I’m still in love with you.

    Now I don’t hate myself or anything. I actually like my appearance a lot, could lose a few pounds but I’m happy with myself and frankly, I don’t care what people think. But the only people who compliment me are my friends who are girls and occasionally an older guy and it’s about my boobs and I’d never, ever, ever get with him becaaaause it’d be creepy and tons of other reasons.

    I just wish I had you, or someone as good as, or greater than you.
    Love doesn’t happen just once,
    And you won’t be my one and only,
    But I just wish I didn’t have to love you.
    You’re so fucking amazing but so far away I can’t do anything. The longer I love you, the worse it’ll be for my heart when you find someone new.
    I would move on,
    But it’s hard when no one else is there to catch me after you’ve dropped me.

    P.S.”Just the thought of you can drive me wild. Ooh. You make me smile.”<3

    P.P.S. "Oh Darling, I wish you were here."<3

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