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    Dear Everyone,

    This whole time I’ve been trying to run away from everything because I was afraid that once I finally confronted it all, I’d be overwhelmed or self-pitying or something pathetic like that. But tonight, I finally allowed myself to do something I don’t normally do. Get angry. See, I’ve never been one to get mad easily… I don’t like confrontations, and I’d usually rather just swallow any annoyances and let things go, it just seems easier that way. I guess I just always thought fury made people irrational. Which it does. But I think sometimes it can bring clarity and closure. And I damn well hope that’s the situation right now because I’m angry at everything. I’m angry at everyone for being so selfish. I’m angry at the people who took my grandma away from me and turned my family against itself. I’m angry at my dad for caring more about work than about us. I’m angry at my mom for caring more about everyone else than about herself, and letting it ruin her life. And most of all I’m angry at myself…for thinking I can run away from everything. For being so naïve for so long. For letting people get away with the things that they’ve done to me. For making excuses as to why I’m not the best student or daughter or person I can be. And for not having the courage to get angry before. So if you have a reason to be mad, and I mean a good reason, embrace it. Get angry. And do something about it. It’s about damn time.

    Yours sincerely,
    Stark Raving Furious.

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